Resident Information

Additional notes and reminders:
Remember to put your trash can away by 10:00 pm the day trash is collected to avoid violation letters and fines. Make sure your limited area is free from trash and debris. Do not put paint in your trash can, it stains the roads when collected.
Please check your garage, front, and back doors to see if they need painting. Your decks and fences should be stained to protect them.
Weeds in the limited common area (LCA) are the homeowner’s responsibility. Sunflowers are prohibited. Please check your area for sunflowers and remove them.
Trash collection for the City of Columbus rotates back a day after each of the (9) observed holidays. The City of Columbus identifies neighborhoods by colors; Blendon Park is in the Gray collection area. As a quick reference, you can also find out our current trash collection day by dialing 645-Gray on your phone. 
Trash collection for the Gray area will rotate to the following day after each of the upcoming holidays listed below:
New Years Day 
Martin Luther King Day 
Presidents Day 
Memorial Day
Independence Day 
Labor Day 
Columbus Day 
Other things to know about trash collection in Blendon Park:
Residents are permitted to put their trash container out to the curb the night before the scheduled pick up day only.
Residents are required to put their trash container away upon returning home from work the evening of the trash collection day. 
Trash containers must be stored in garages. For units with no garage, the container must be stored behind the unit in the back porch area. 
Bulk items that do not fit in your trash container must be scheduled for pick up with City of Columbus.  Do not leave these large items out on the curb by your trash can, as they will not be picked by the normal trash collection crew.  
Please click this link for more into: City of Columbus Refuse .